Executive - Payroll

About Jaya Grocer:
Jaya Grocer is an affiliate of Grab, Southeast Asia’s leading superapp. To bring the convenience of on-demand grocery delivery to more consumers in Malaysia, we are dedicated towards building a strong team that is aligned with our goals. At Jaya Grocer, team collaboration and dedication is what we require to deliver quality products and service to our consumers and customers.

Our Vision:
Our goal is to become the leading online-to-offline (O2O) retailer, leveraging our omnichannel strength to provide our customers with a rewarding, fulfilling, and exciting experience. Our goal is for customers to say “I can get what I want whenever I need it”.We aim to achieve this through offering high-quality yet affordable goods, facilitating seamless cashless checkouts, loyalty membership via GrabRewards and introducing our private label with "Grab Signatures."

Our Mission:

·Provide a diverse variety of High Quality and Fresh Produce
·Offer attractive Best Value Pricing
·Ensure customers have the Best Shopping Experience
·To grow the business through successful Collaboration and Partnerships
·Practice the Values of Jaya Grocer every single day

Our Values:
·Customer Satisfaction

These Values form the foundation of our organization and should be lived by each of us, as they are a part of our DNA. So, if you fit the profile and able to contribute towards our goals, join us!

Get to know the role:
Responsible for processing payroll, remitting payroll taxes and government reporting as well as preparing monthly, quarterly and year-end payroll statements. Ensure compliance with government regulations, establishing and implementing policies on matters such as payroll advancements to employees.

Key Responsibilities:

Comprehensive Payroll Oversight:

Take charge of the entire payroll management process, ensuring its seamless execution.

Precise and Timely Remittances:

Guarantee punctual and accurate payroll and statutory payments, aligning with both company protocols and government regulatory norms.

Employee Data Maintenance:

Assume responsibility for the meticulous upkeep and currency of employee personal particulars, payroll details, attendance, and leave records within the designated system.

Contract Administration:

Manage employee confirmations, contract renewals, and updates within the system, ensuring accurate and current records.

Responsive Payroll Support:

Address and resolve payroll inquiries promptly and effectively, providing clear and concise responses to employee queries.

Regulatory Adherence:

Ensure rigorous compliance with company policies, as well as legal and statutory requirements, in all payroll-related activities.

Recordkeeping and Documentation:

Maintain meticulous records of payroll transactions, contributing to the accuracy and transparency of financial data.

Proactive Process Enhancement:

Collaborate with relevant stakeholders to identify opportunities for process optimization, implementing improvements to enhance efficiency.

Additional Assignments:

Undertake any supplementary tasks as directed or requested by superiors to contribute to the efficient functioning of the payroll department.

You should have:

Strong understanding of payroll procedures, regulations, and best practices.

Proficiency in using payroll software and systems.

Attention to detail and accuracy in all tasks.

Excellent communication skills for effective employee interaction.

Ability to work independently and collaboratively within a team.

Strong organizational skills to manage multiple tasks and priorities.

Adaptability to handle diverse payroll-related challenges.

Commitment to confidentiality and ethical handling of sensitive information.

Flexibility to adapt to evolving company policies and regulatory changes.