Assistant Supervisor - Fresh Market

From  MYR 2,000.00


Organizing workflow and ensuring staff understand their duties and delegated task. Monitoring staff productivity and providing constructive feedback and coaching. Ensure that operations are carried out productively and profitability. Ensuring customer satisfaction by understanding customers’ inquiries and provide appropriate recommendations to the customers through excellent sales service.


  • Perform daily routine check to ensure tidiness of the entire department according to company standard.
  • Liaise with supplier for any quality and freshness issues and provide feedback to Store Manager.
  • Perform daily check on price change report to ensure every product with correct price and description.
  • Ensure the correct information on POP cards and display according to company standard and government requirement.
  • Enforce FIFO (First In First Out) & FEFO (First Expiry First Out) practice without expired products at selling floor and replenish the fresh good as when needed.
  • Enforce replenish and forwarding all shelves on the selling floor fully fresh good stocked of products.
  • Monitor the chiller and cold room temperature and take necessary action for any malfunction without affecting daily operation.
  • Ensure hygiene and cleanliness of the storage area, selling floor and entire department as well as equipment (machines & utensils) according to company SOP.
  • Perform quality check upon receiving stock as per request.
  • Propose an accurate stock ordering based on stock holding and movement and seek approval from Store Manager or appointed person.
  • Responsible to enhance and improve department sales with reduce the out of stock (OOS) situation and product display (festive & promotion).
  • Analyse and identify the disposal rate and follow up improvement plan to minimize the product disposal and reduce shrinkage percentage with limit set by management.
  • Control the usage of packaging materials and replenish the material as when needed.
  • Prepare and participate the department stock take as per schedule.
  • Review and identify any error in the stock take report and provide feedback to Store Manager.
  • Optimize manpower working schedule based on sales rate especially during peak season (public holiday and festive) with approval from manager.
  • Control department expenses (packing material, manpower overhead & etc) in order to achieve cost effectiveness.
  • Conduct briefing to update any relevant information within the department.
  • Provide product knowledge training and guidance to subordinates and follow up overall performance progress.
  • Perform any other duties in general operational functions and ad-hoc assignments.

  Employment Type:  Permanent

  Min. Education:  SPM

  Spoken Language:  Malay, English

  Written Language:  Malay, English