Recruitment Manager

1) Job Summary:

Work closely with recruiters to manage sourcing, interviewing and employment processes. Manage recruitment team to ensure hire qualified employees to meet Company’s current and future needs.

2) Role and Responsibilities:

i. Ensure that recruitment and selection procedures and practice meet operational needs, legislative and good practice requirements.

ii. Provide professional way in handling recruitment and selection guidance and support to hiring manager across Company.

iii. Collaborate with hiring managers to identify staffing needs, job specifications, duties, and responsibilities, competencies, qualifications, and skills.

iv. Develop and maintain all job descriptions and job posting; execute all required job postings in a timely manner

v. Build resource pool via networking and proactively maintaining relationships with potential, existing and new resources.

vi. Manage the administration of all recruitment records, ensuring that documentation complete, accurate and up-to-date. Conduct reference checks on selected candidates, before offer of employment.

vii. Continually review the recruitment and selection policies and procedure in line with best practice and current legislation

viii. Establish and maintain rapport with Government agencies, Universities, Schools and Colleges for recruiting plan for graduates and school leaver candidates.

ix. Coordinate with external recruiters and outside employment agencies to attract and identify select candidates

x. Performs other related duties as assigned or requested.

  Employment Type:  Permanent